Lapoint Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch



Lapoint Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch and Farm Yard Fun Park is on the same land that's been lovingly worked by our Harrison/Nyberg family for over 100 years!  

We have grown alfalfa, corn, and oats along with cattle (both dairy and beef), hogs, horses, sheep and maybe even a few pygmy goats, plus chickens and a few other birds.

We also have a GIANT garden and provide Local, Fresh veggies to farmer's markets, individuals and local stores.  Lapoint Sweet Corn is famous for its flavor and freshness!!!

The 2018 season is our third year putting on a corn maze because it's SO much fun! 

When we're not having a corn maze we're a real, working farm!

We have fun here and you will too !

Our corn maze is featuring a PONY EXPRESS theme this year.  

Our maze is HUGE this year but is actually three mazes in one: 

The Main Maze,  a Kids' Maze, and a Haunted Maze.

​We hope your family will join our family and